(This post was written by Sandeep Sankarankutty)

Ever since we were young, we were told never talk to strangers. As children, this makes sense, it’s for your safety. But as adults why do we still follow this practice? It seems as if there is a lingering fear carried on from childhood, if you talk to a stranger something bad will happen.

We are social beings, so it only makes sense that we are hardwired to form a social network. If you think about it, successful people don’t reach the top by sitting in a room by themselves. They are passionate and will talk to anyone who is willing to listen. Social networks are key to success and expanding your network increases your chances.

In the world of startups the word serendipity is used quite often. I believe serendipity occurs when one steps out of their comfort zone and begins to learn from experience, meet people, share your thoughts, share what you have learned.

Here’s a tool to let you take that first step to conquering your fears of talking to people. Check out Chatfe

Chatfe lets you have anonymous meaningful conversations, via phone, based on your topic of interest. It is certainly a great tool to help you get over your conversational nervousness.

Chatfe was also recently mentioned in the New York Times.

– Thanks, Sandeep!

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