Why did we do it this way? Why did we take a different approach from other services, showing no user profiles, pictures or other personal identifiers? While the site looks fun (if we do say so ourselves) it is kind of a reaction against the data overload common today. We did it this way because it’s our belief that this results in better voice conversations. You see, voice has always been tricky online. Sure, there are plenty of voice services out there, from your cellphone to Skype. But few people actually use these services in ways other than calling their close friends or international contacts where cost pushes them online. Here on Chatfe we’re switching things up, making users start with the topic they want to discuss and then matching them with someone else who they cannot choose, but who shares the same interest.

We hope you’ll like talking to your stranger. Ask questions, answer questions, debate, argue, laugh. Like a pleasant wrong number.

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